Katerina, mother of three and trained paediatric nurse, drew inspiration from Islamic principles and philosophies to found Middle Path Soapery. She combined her love of art and natural ethical products to start a business from her London home.

Believing that a business should not be run without consideration for the environmental and social issues, she makes sure that her company benefits the Earth and the less fortunate people in the local community.

Katerina tests all recipes and formulations personally and on her family. She wants to ensure the best for her family and to share this excellence with her customers.

Our philosophy

‘The Middle Path' (Arabic: Wasatyiah) refers to the Islamic principle of moderation, an idea which is also found in the Buddhist faith.  According to this teaching, one should strive to find harmony and balance between opposite poles.

Through our work, we would like to accompany you on your middle path – the journey to finding harmony in your life.