Rosehip Vitamin Water

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We have talked about the benefits of rosehips in Rosehips 101. Now, lets use them!

I love to make and use natural remedies. But as a busy mum of three young children I often lack time to materialise many of my projects and ideas. Many homemade herbal preparations require a significant amount of time to make from scratch. So I am always on a lookout for easy yet efficient hacks to simplify recipes.

My recipe for Rosehip Vitamin Water came into being when I was thinking how to utilise a few handfuls of rosehips that my kids and I collected. I had contemplated making a jam, but I didn't fancy the idea of spending my already busy evening removing the itchy seeds. I remembered a recipe for cold infused rosehip tea that I had read as a teenager (I was quite an oddball, I loved reading herbaries while my peers were admiring boybands). In that recipe, dry rosehips were infused in cold water overnight, and the infusion was only warmed the next day slightly, maintaining high levels of vitamin C which would normally be compromised by boiling water.

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And surely using fresh rosehips will produce even more goodness than using dried rosehips! So get ready for a vitamin boost and also some seriously good taste! I hate weird tastes, and I must admit that I don't enjoy most herbal teas (booo). I can honestly say that my Rosehip Vitamin Water has a delightful tangy fruity taste that would be very nice to enjoy even if it wasn't loaded with vitamins.

You will need:

  • 1 cup of rosehips

  • water (that's it! nothing else, isn't it great?)


1. Put your rosehips in a blender with approximately two cups of water and blend for 30 seconds until all rosehips are chopped up. The seeds will likely remain whole, and that's fine.

2. Let the mixture sit for a few hours or overnight in the fridge.

3. Strain the mixture through a sieve lined with a muslin cloth (old style handkerchieves or baby muslins work great for this purpose). Don't skip on the muslin cloth because you really want all the fine rosehip hairs removed.

4. Enjoy the vitamin goodness! If you find the taste a bit too tangy, you can dilute with more water as desir

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Katerina Qabaha