I have a problem/suggestion – how can I get in touch?

We are dedicated to creating outstanding products and we do our best to ensure that our soaps reach you in the best condition. We want to know what you think about our work and our products.  Please, don't hesitate to contact us  if you have any queries or suggestions.

 You can get  in touch via our online contact form or email katerina@middlepathsoapery.co.uk . We aim to reply to all emails within 48 hours.

Is it possible to return a product?

Yes absolutely. Whether you simply changed your mind or accidentally overstretched your  budget, you can return any products in original condition within two weeks. Should you change your mind about your purchase and want to make a return of unused goods, please contact us within 14 days of receiving your goods so that we can organise your return.

What is your shipping policy?

We send all orders via Royal Mail  and your order should normally be with you within 3-5 working days. Occasionally, a parcel can take longer to arrive due to delays in the postal service, which is out of our control. For example,  Royal Mail allows up to 15 days for a 1st class parcel to arrive.

We are unable to take responsibility for minor delays that occur because of the postal service but will of course refund/replace your order if your parcel is not delivered within the time specified by Royal Mail. Should you need your order delivered by a guaranteed date, please contact us before ordering to discuss special delivery arrangements.

We currently don't ship outside the UK.

Can your soap help with eczema?

Eczema is an extremely complex condition and there is no ‘one size fits all' cure.  Although Middle Path Soapery soaps can help by providing a gentle, natural and non-irritating alternative to commercial soaps, it is unlikely that a soap alone can treat your eczema.

If you are currently using products that contain either artificial fragrances, colours, preservatives, petroleum products or other irritants, you may find that using natural soap without any additives  are soothing to your skin.

We recommend seeking the help of a qualified holistic practitioner to help you address the root causes of your eczema.

Which soap is best for eczema or sensitive, dry skin?

Considering that eczema is partly an allergic condition, it is best to choose soaps with no essential oils and simple soothing ingredients, for example our 'Purity' - almond milk soap , Extra gentle soap,  or 'Mindfulness' - oat milk and honey soap. 


Tip: for natural relief, you can also try an oat bath to soothe dry skin.

  • Put one cup of oats into a muslin drawstring bag.

  • Put the bag in a bowl and pour boiled water over it.

  • Leave to soak for a couple of minutes before removing the oat bag.

  • Now pour the content of the bowl into your bath. You can use the oat bag to cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin.


Do you make a shampoo bar and what is the best way to use it?

We have designed our 'Courage' Henna and Neem bar that is particularly suitable as an overall hair, beard and body bar. To use it as a shampoo, lather it in your hands and transfer the lather to your hair. Work in sections and repeat until you have enough lather to wash your hair.

Alternatively, you can rub the bar straight into your wet hair (you may find that working with a smaller bar - cutting the bar in half or thirds - may be more comfortable for this method). Make sure that you don't miss any parts out. It is good to start at the back of your head and work up in sections. Massage the lather all over your hair as you would do with a liquid shampoo. Rinse well.

We strongly recommend using a vinegar or lemon rinse afterwards to balance the pH levels by neutralising any possible leftover soap in your hair. Vinegar/lemon wash is a natural conditioner that will leave your hair feeling smoother and softer. Don't worry, it doesn't make your hair smell like vinegar! To make a vinegar(lemon) rinse, add two to four tablespoons of vinegar(lemon juice) into a cup of water and pour all over your wet hair after washing. Now, rinse well with clean water.


Do you make a facial soap and what is the best way to use it?

Our collection includes Goats milk and Honey facial soap. You can also use our Extra Gentle Soap for sensitive facial care.

From personal experience we can recommend to use the following skin care routine:

  • Take a tea spoon of quality plant oil (almond, olive, avocado, coconut…) and massage it into your face first.

  • Then lather the facial soap in your palms and gently wash off the excess oil from your face.

The oil helps to release the impurities from your skin and also functions as a protection against unnecessary drying of your complexion. Your face will feel clean, yet moisturised.


Does your soap contain lye?

No. A finished soap never contains lye or traces of lye. In the traditional soapmaking process that has been used for hundreds of years, lye has been used in order to transform the natural oils into soap. It is not possible to make a natural soap without using lye. The mixture of oils and lye is fully converted into soap during the soap making process so no lye remains in the finished product.

Some so-called ‘lye- free' soaps are either using detergents (petroleum products) or pre-made ('melt and pour') soap bases .Pre-made soap bases often contain many undesirable artificial additives. We do not use such bases.

Making soap from scratch using the traditional methods gives us full control of the primary ingredients. We carefully formulate each recipe with consideration of each oil's unique skincare qualities.


I like strongly scented soaps. Which soap shall I go for?

Natural soaps scented with essential oils are more subtle than artificial fragrances. We also don't like to overuse essential oils to be kinder to the environment. Did you know, often it takes hundreds  and thousands of kilogrammes of plants to make a few millilitres of essential oil?

Having said that, we do have some soaps that are scented. Our scented 'Integrity' soap is floral, 'Courage' is earthy and rich, and 'Harmony' is woody and oriental. Even our unscented soaps have a slight fragrance of the natural oils used.